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5 Handmade Felt Decors that you Need to Consider for the Holidays

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by Airin Nuqi

Merry Christmas Reusable Felt Wall Hanging by Planetlocal

1. Handmade Felt Merry Christmas Wall Hanging Decor

Every single letter on this unique soft Christmas wall hanging is built to last longer because of the special felt making technique used by our artisans. It is the perfect addition to your holiday season decorum, or as a gift for your loved ones.

The Triple Decor - Santa Claus, Christmas Tree and Snowman Felt Wall Hanging by Planetlocal

2. The Triple Decor - Santa Claus, Christmas Tree and Snowman

This decorum is extra special, as it combines multiple figures in one line. It starts out with a Santa Claus, goes on to a Christmas Tree, followed up by a Christmas Sock and ending with a Snowman and a bell. It can be hooked up anywhere, and will definitely add to the festive vibe of your place.

Handmade Colorful Felt Star Wall Hanging by Planetlocal

3. Felt Star Wall Hanging Decor

This special set of star wall decorum will not only light up your christmas party, but any celebration where you need a pop of color. Or your room year round if that is what you are into. Each of the stars are wet felted by hand to form these beautiful shapes.

©PLANETLOCAL_Handmade_felt_christmas_santa_by Planetlocal

4. Handmade Felt Santa Hanging Toy

This special Hanging Toy can be put up on your Christmas tree, to pretty much anywhere where you want a smile and white cloudy beard looking at you.

©PLANETLOCAL_Handmade_welcome_home_greeting_wall_hanging_by Planetlocal

5. Handmade Felt Welcome Home Wall Hanging Decor

And lastly, why not put up a Welcome Home decorum since this is the time most of us see our families again? Not only perfect for welcoming back your loved ones, but reusable for many celebrations.

As we create different designs with our talented and experienced artisans, we encourage you to make a contribution to the developing country artists who strive to provide you with unique pieces and make you reconsider mass consumption.

Happy holidays to you all from our Planetlocal team!


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